AmeriFast Supply of NC, Inc. offers a large selection of quality engineered abrasives and abrasive line of products for the industrial applications. Whether you looking for highest productivity or most consistent performance, we can help guide you to the right abrasive product to meet your needs and demands.

Choose From a Full Range of Abrasives

Explore automotive abrasive solutions with our team in Mooresville, NC

When you need commercial or industrial abrasives regularly, you need a reliable source for them. You can count on AmeriFast Supply of NC, Inc. We've been providing a variety of high-quality abrasives since 2008 out of our Mooresville, NC facility.

We can help you select products that meet your:

  • Productivity needs
  • Performance demands
  • Budget requirements

You can choose from thousands of abrasive solutions, including automotive abrasive solutions. We have specialized experience options for 18-wheelers and other vehicles. To find out about all of our commercial and industrial abrasives, consult a professional right away.

Work with some of the latest abrasives

When you reach out to us, you can stock up on aircraft, truck or automotive abrasive solutions from companies that produce new items every year. Our team takes pride in providing some of the best and some of the newest products in the field. We also offer excellent customer service and brief turnaround times. For a free estimate on a bulk or non-bulk order, call 704-660-9790 now. You can also request an estimate by email.

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